About Us

GHM Masonry & Stone, LLC has been offering professional Brick and Stone labor utilizing high skilled Masons for Track and Custom Home Builders in and around the Austin Metropolitan area for over 13 years.

GHM Masonry's commitment to quality ensures the finest products and services in the industry by offering a large variety of Brick and stone options.

The masonry fire place has been the backdrop for holiday celebrations, weddings, and also romantic winter evenings.

As the saying goes - "In the beginning there was fire" and for the next five thousand years, the wood fire became a central theme of family life. The ancient fire pit began as a simple hole in the ground where tribes would gather around a wood burning fire in the evening. As mankind evolved and became more inventive, the fire pit was reinforced with mud and rock. Ancient man then began building houses, moved indoors, and more elaborate wood burning designs were developed. That is essentially the cornerstone for the existence of the Masonry Industry.

For that purpose, GHM Masonry & Stone, LLC has been devoted to maintaining our knowledge of cutting edge masonry products and services - while also continuing to provide excellence in quality and customer service that keeps us committed to offering a top quality product which in turn our customer satisfaction feedback consistently rates as Clearly Outstanding.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of TX: